Andrew was born in North London, where he spent my early working life at Smithfield Meat Market, where there has been a Hixson family member since the Victorian era, and there still is to this day.

He moved to Suffolk in 1978, where he stayed in the food manufacturing trade with Dalgety-Spillers and Unilever until 2008.

Following that, he worked for a third party logisitcs company that changed it's name three times in six years.  In 2015, he took a career break and started working on his series of detective novels about a lateral thinking private detective who lives in a fictional Suffolk coastal town.

He is looking forward to further enhancing his career by joining the East Anglian Writing Society and building a persoanl brand promoting himself using Social Networking.

He is married with to grown up daughters, and two granddaughters with another grandchild expected in September.

His interests include the theatre, cinema and reading.  He also enjoys playing golf and ballroom dancing with his wife.  He grows his own vegetables in his small Suffolk garden and loves experimenting in the kitchen with different and varied recipes.


The increased sales of my current novel PAIN HAS A PERMANENT ADDRESS has been down mainly to word of mouth.  This has expanded since my involvement with Bury St Edmunds cathedral and the courses I have attended.  People outside my family have shown a genuine interest in my work which has improved my sales base.



Thinking about the sources of information I have used to solve problems, I was suffering from writer’s block last summer and my wife took me to Rendlesham Forest for a walk, hoping it could clear my head. This is the site of this country’s most important potential UFO sighting.  By the time I had walked the Rendlesham walk, taking in the landing site, the east gate where the first sighting was made and how isolated the place was, I had come up with a plot for my novel READ BETWEEN THE LIES.  It was here where I discovered hands on research was what I required to move on and it gives you a real feel for the setting and surrounding environment.




Since I have been writing I have discovered there is a huge market for psychological style thrillers with a dark and menacing theme, and I have moved away from the cozy style murder mysteries and tried to make my novels more menacing.  With PAIN HAS A PERMANENT ADDRESS, I turned the corner with most reviewers commenting on the sense of menace and how genuinely frightening the content was.  I was able to do this by reading a lot darker type thrillers and getting a feeling for that type of genre.  I was also able to use some of the more frightening scenes as a metaphor as to where my life was at that time.