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Andrew Hixson

Winner of the Waterstones Short Story for Halloween and The Writer's Forum New Novel Award. I am an experienced Author with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Skilled in Non-fiction, Short Stories, Writing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading. I am able to create ideas that will sell and have strong research skills which enables me to express ideas in a style suited to my intended audience.
I am a premium member of The Next Big Writer website where you can read and review other authors work, as well as posting my work for reviews, on content, plot and characterisation.
I am currently in the process of entering the Richard & Judy Book Club become a Bestselling Author competition with the first 10000 words and a full synopsis of my new novel READ BETWEEN THE LIES, which is inspired by the Rendlesham Forest Incident of 1980.
I am self-disciplined and motivated and have the perseverance and determination to succeed. I have excellent research skills and the ability to meet deadlines. I have greatly improved my IT skills and the ability to market and promote my work using social media.
The subject I chose is based in my personal interest of detective novels and I enjoy creating themes, ideas and plots. I regularly research information using the internet, libraries and sometimes ask for personal interviews for background information. I revise my work after receiving feedback and I always pursue publishing opportunities.
I enjoy working in a self-employed, freelance basis. I choose my own working hours, although I still have to meet publishing deadlines.
I have self-published, in traditional print format, online and through e-books. I would like to be able to promote my work further by entering literary competitions and taking on bespoke projects.



John Handful is a private detective, who left his job with MI5 to move with his wife Zoe to the Suffolk Coastal town of Oxmarket.  She was taking up a post as a GP at the local doctor's surgery.  With encouragement from his wife he decided to start HANDFUL INVESTIGATIONS, but unfortunately she died of leukemia before the business properly started.

Reeling from her death he goes into deep depression until he is offered a retainer from the local constabulary and a local solicitors to consult on difficult unsolveable cases.

It isn't long before his first major case comes along and this is recalled in BLIND SPOT.  After successfuly solving the case, lateral thinking, his next case is a little more complicated where he is asked by the local constabulary to prove that a guilty man is really innocent.  This can be read in THE OXMARKET ASPAL MURDER MYSTERY.  By this time John has started a new relationship with Kimberley Ashlyn Gere but it doesn't last because she believes he is obsessed with his work.  By the time we come to DEATH IS FOR THE DYING, he has started a new relationship with Home Office Pathologist Kira Reed, who helps him solve the case of the unexpalined death of Kimberley's new boyfriend.  She was due to marry him once his divorce came through but on his birthday tries the new cologne Kimberley gave him for his birthday and when he goes out to get some food for his birthday party he is killed.  Solving this  was difficult but the next case PAIN HAS A PERMANENT ADDRESS turns up the suspense and sense of menace a few notches, when local businessman Charles 'Buster' Bill is found mutilated in the local forest, it is believed there is a maniac on the loose. JOHN HANDFUL thinks differently. His own investigation soon reveals that at the heart of the man's death lies a devastating secret and by the time Handful realizes what it is he has just made himself the next target.  

Just about surviving each case doesn't help John Handful's love life and when Kira Reed accepts a job offer in London he is alone again, but that soon changes in the next case READ BETWEEN THE LIES, where he teams up with local journalist Yazmin Nash when the town is under threat from a brutal killer, who has started his uncontrollable blood lust after a UFO sighting near the local airbase.  This is due out in November 2018, and with an audiobook of DEATH IS FOR THE DYING due out at the end of May, there is many more cases for our lateral thinking detective to solve.